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We first began as a study on June 3, 2003 named God and I Loves You Foundation. We were unincorporated and registered as an assumed name in Oakland County, Michigan. The founder, Cynitra Anderson started this organization with the passion of healing mental illness. 

The name Virtuous Woman of Color Purple was created by the founder, Cynitra Anderson who has been through a series of physical & mental abuse in a world full of racism, injustice and poverty. Virtuous Woman is the Founder, and Color Purple derived from the movie The Color Purple – and the character named “Celie” with a meaning of compassionate and royalty.

A leader in the Home Healthcare with the Mobile Financial & Information Technology (Mobile F:IT) concept in providing mobile consultation and services to low and no income populations. Many disabling individuals and small businesses in Detroit and the surrounding areas are stuck in the rat race, trying to survive very tough economic times with fixed income in an information technology era.

With the purpose of providing a service to those that have experience injustice, racism and poverty, she began conducting studies and research. She incorporated the organization on October 3, 2008, and doing business as Virtuous Woman of Color Purple, Inc.